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Residential Architect Reinvention 2009 Conference
Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Steve Glenn will speak about sustainability at the Residential Architect Reinvention 2009 Conference, September 14-16.  Register now to attend the conference in Seattle, WA, September 14-16.  Read on to learn more about the symposium.


Reinvention 2009

When will the economy get better? Or will it—heaven forbid—get worse? So much of what we felt we knew is unknown to us now. No matter which way the Dow points, one thing is for sure: How architects work and with whom are changing at lightspeed. The model for nearly everything you do is being rewritten. Leaner and smarter staffs; more productive and entrepreneurial collaborations with other people and other companies—these are the orders of this new day. It’s not just “more with less,” it’s also “more with more”—more complexities, risk, and innovation than you ever thought possible.

Join us for the sixth annual Reinvention Symposium and find out how architects are already redefining the scope, capacity, and relevance of their practices. In the new economy, flexibility, engagement, and a solid grasp on value are all-important. Architects are uniquely poised to retool, rebuild, and reshape their communities from the ground up. In the next productivity boom, architects won’t just serve the same dull masters, they’ll blaze a new and better path ahead.

Click here for more information, or download the Reinvention Conference PDF.