Architects We Love: Larry Scarpa
December 15th, 2010

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Larry Scarpa!

Larry Scarpa of Brooks + Scarpa is another favorite architect of ours. There are few firms in the world that have been able to so consistently create buildings that seamlessly combine incredibly beautiful, highly functional design, with exceedingly small ecological footprints.  The fact that they’ve done this in a number of affordable housing projects puts them in their own class!
Scarpa was just a kid in Florida when he discovered his interest in architecture.  He has since become one of the more accomplished architects in the country and, accordingly, his previous firm Pugh + Scarpa, was selected as the 2010 AIA Firm of the Year, a major achievement.
Scarpa is known for his ability to constantly rethink the building process, the use of matierials, and even the role of the architect, all to achieve a more efficient construction phase. As a result, his projects have earned praise for their exceptional level of quality and efficiency in both design and build – and lots of environmental Kharma points!  Most of his professional career has been spent in Los Angeles, and as such, there are many great projects he’s completed here including Colorodo Court in Santa Monica, the first American multi-family project to be awarded LEED certification, the Siquieros Cultural Heritage Museum in Los Angeles, and Plummer Park in West Hollywood. He led the renovation and an addition to the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh, NC, and helped design a home for the Make-It-Right project in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.

Colorado Court!
Scarpa has taken taken time away from the drafting desk to teach at many universities including UCLA, Sci-Arc, and Washington Universtiy in St. Louis, MO.  We love the fact that he’s helping to train other designers and exposing them to the kind of great design and low ecological footprint that he practices.  Someday we hope to highlight many others who we respect as much as Larry – thanks, largely, to Larry!

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