LivingHomes at the Autodesk Design Gallery in Boston
May 19th, 2009

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If you’re in the Boston area soon, be sure to check out LivingHomes’ permanent exhibit at the new Autodesk Design Gallery in Boston. The hands-on display is open to the public and is really worth seeing!

It’s based on Autodesk’s display at the Kohler LivingHome at TED and it’s a virtual walk-through of the LivingHome. The exhibit includes a special table monitor which displays a virtual floorplan of the LivingHome and a large projection of the LivingHome. You can choose materials and place them on the floorplan and the virtual LivingHome updates in real-time based on the materials you select! You can also change the placement of the sun to affect the lighting of the scene. You can walk in real-time through the virtual model by simply moving a model of an avatar. Your choices are displayed on a large projection of our LivingHome. The technology behind the display is the Autodesk Project Newport Mixed Reality Interface (MRI). The technology is intended to help visualize designs for buildings before they’re built. It’s really cool! Tell your Boston-based friends!

Check it out at:
1560 Trapelo Rd.
Waltham, MA 02451

Truly Tactile Technology, originally uploaded by Autodesk Gallery.

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